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Advertisement translations for AdWords campaigns - Bing Ads – Facebook Ads

To convince you to click on the sponsored link you are interested in, choose our adwords, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads campaign translation services, to always achieve your every goal

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Adwords campaign translations

when it is the translation that convinces the user!

Translating AdWords campaigns may seem like a simple exercise in the digital marketing industry. It is only four lines, in all a handful of characters, apparently a small effort for any linguist, but the task we are facing should not be underestimated at all ...

In these circumstances, our staff strictly follows the instructions given by the Web marketing agencies that, a priori, have expertly set up the AdWords, Bing and Facebook Ads campaigns. Expert marketers blindly trust us and send us lists of keywords and key texts perfectly studied in Italian or English, tested and relevant for each sector concerned. As SEO e-marketing translators, we have a duty to preserve all the added value produced by this research, translating the titles and effective subtitles accurately into the selected translation languages, simple but perfectly adequate styles to highlight the key concepts, consistency and attention to every detail that is made available to us.

Traduzioni campagna adwords

We help build relationships, not links

For our translation agency this activity is stimulating because every choice of slang arises from the subjective sensitivity of the translator followed by the endorsement of SEO tools, a technological arsenal made available by our Web marketing partners, who for their part direct the provision of online advertising services on a payment basis for large international companies.

How to comply with character restrictions in online advertising campaigns

The creation of an effective web advertising campaign (translation of title, display URL and description) is based on advertising platforms such as Google AdWords or Bing Ads, with the task of physically managing the ads and imposing the following technical and editorial requirements: clear style, correct spelling, relevant punctuation, allowed symbols, acceptable spacing, limited extensions in which the headers must be imperative These have up to a maximum of 25 characters including spaces, while descriptions and URLs are limited to 35 characters including spaces. Translating these concise and deliberately "tempting" messages, SEO-sensitive translators must employ great concreteness and creativity to maintain the balance between the automatic directives of PPC campaigns and the linguistic sensitivity of those who are likely to turn into future customers.

Traduzioni campagna adwords
Traduzioni campagna adwords

Maximum attention and consistency in the translation of landing pages

We test translate landing pages especially for tourism, B2B, shopping, financial and legal services, so that the rate of dispersion of users constantly tends to 0. These landing pages must illustrate a few concepts expressed with the utmost clarity and simplicity to allow the highest possible degree of conversion: potential customers must have the impression of having "landed" in a place that is really right for them. The inconsistency or vagueness of messages and the look and feel of the so-called landing pages can induce confusion and inexorably distance potential customers from the high expectancy act of final conversion. To work and generate results, the big online marketing entities need a methodical localization service for every related text: we are good at doing this and this is why companies like Hoover, Ikea and Goodyear have recently chosen us because we are able to provide persuasive, loyal texts and ensure the acquisition of new sales opportunities.