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Translations of Commercial texts: from commercial letters to offers, estimates and price lists

Translation services for commercial documentation

Traduzioni commerciali

Commercial translations:

choose the language register that is appropriate to the professional world

A fruitful international commercial communication requires precise and persuasive commercial translations that leverage the market players, favoring the expansion of the turnover of those who propose it. Effectively translating a commercial text means focusing on the benefits proposed to customers; explaining how much more productive their businesses would become if they chose your proposal; in short, it means putting yourself in their shoes and convincing them that your offer represents the right choice.

Traduzioni commerciali

The vertical organization of business translation information

To draft and translate a document for commercial purposes it is preferable to put the "inverted pyramid" method into practice This technique, often used by journalists who publish on the Web, consists of starting their message from the conclusions and then gradually ending by illustrating the details of the proposal. The rest of the text is translated to justify the central value of the offer that will be enhanced by different and persuasive details.

The readers/recipients (often represented by important company figures such as the general manager) generally have little time available. Therefore, it is important that the initial message is concise, incisive and captivating.

The register of language adopted by business translations must be respectful, professional and credible.

Specific attributes of Web publishing applicable in the drafting and translation of a commercial text:

  • sharp, readable and brief graphic structure
  • use of lists to organize the concepts
  • short and bold paragraphs to emphasize the key criteria.

The goal of well-translated business documentation is to push readers to take action,

regarding the choice and finally the purchase

Translation-IN has made all these operational features its own, performing different kinds of translations of commercial texts:

  • Brochures
  • Business Letters
  • Promotional material of various kinds
  • Commercial offers
  • Emails
  • Invoices or business relationships

Commercial Translation Services must go directly to the heart of an offer, understand its value and faithfully reproduce every element while respecting the rapid times and maximum confidentiality that our customers always require.

Traduzioni commerciali