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Ecommerce homepage translation from a SEO perspective

Homepage translation services: we emphasize the value of each message, assigning the right priority to all translated content

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Translation and conception of eCommerce homepages

The first impact with the cover page of a website or a blog must be able to arouse the desire to instantly view all the content on the internal pages; the effect is that of an explicit invitation to read, buy or request a quotation, everything must incite the "call to action" of the visitor.

Given the importance of home pages in eComerce or other sites, we approach these kinds of projects with extreme commitment, absolutely avoiding literal translations. Each expression must be studied and calibrated to the right point. We therefore define a list of main and secondary level keywords and then we translate them, verifying their relevance in the jargon of the other competitors on the Web. When translating, we eliminate what is not strictly necessary because we know that a greater focus on a few contents allows the persuasive impact to be enhanced. We define the title of the homepage that will contain the main keyword with the SEO editor. We use the keywords provided or searched for by us, in the flow of the speech, inserting them in a logical way throughout the translation of the homepage, allowing a balanced and justifiable increase in the keyword density compared to the text in the source language.

We divide the texts into blocks so that their position corresponds to the degree of priority that you intend to assign them. Subsequently, we submit the localized texts in a foreign language to a second revision (comparative editing) carried out by a second re-reader to obtain perfectly optimized translations.

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