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Audiovisual Translations (TAV)

Translation services for the audiovisual entertainment channel

Translation of audiovisual products: linguistic transposition into the audiovisual sector

We provide translation services for the following audiovisual products and media:

  • Translation of animated feature film scripts

  • Translation and adaptation of documentary scripts

  • Translation of press kits for film products

  • Urgent 24/7 translation services of press releases for product launches

  • Localization of flyers for live-action products

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For almost a decade we have been translating screenplays for Europe's leading company in animated feature film production. We also collaborate with companies that deal with audio and video advertising - production and realization, audiovisual - production and distribution. We carry out the translation and adaptation of scripts for documentaries for an important Milanese dubbing studio specialized in dubbing and audio-video post-production of television and film products. Our "flagship" is the undisputed leader of entertainment, Walt Disney, to whom we have been providing our services since our business was founded.

Entertainment translations

Translation-IN - Contact

Elisabetta Bertinotti

Head of Audiovisual Translations

Screenplays perfectly translated and adapted to audiovisual products

thanks to training internships for our translators at recording and dubbing studios

Our audiovisual translators all attended a two-day internship with a client who deals with dubbing documentaries for Sky channels. With this internship they were able to enhance their already valid know-how, following all the phases that make up the management and recording of a dubbed documentary:

  1. From the setting of the pages using a program that automatically performs the counting of the lines and prepares the dubbing plan (the convocation of the appropriate actors/voice actors and the exact number of minutes required in their interventions), based on the reading of a script set according to specific instructions to which the audiovisual translations must strictly adhere.
  2. At the stage of adaptation and realization in the room – place where the voice actor, the director and the technician record the dubbing, adapting and refining the translations of audiovisual texts as much as possible. It is here where the final cuts are made, the corrections at the last moment, where the last and definitive version is created, the one that will be aired and will be seen by millions of people. Only here can the translator realize how a text should be finalized. The translation of an audiovisual involves a more or less permitted adaptation of words to the image, seeing and shaping the speech of the actors, a real creative act in which decisions must be made and not felt bound by the original text but by the images.

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