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Financial, economic and insurance translations

Economic and insurance financial translation services

Traduzione-IN - Traduzioni finanziarie

Broad spectrum financial translation services

Financial translations are involved in activities related to the stock exchange, the insurance and bond market and the economic and accounting analysis of companies (inspections, reports, financial statements and annual reports).

In fact, this specialization integrates, three distinct types of services:

  • Translation of corporate financial statements
  • Translation for financial markets - Translations of studies, alerts and press releases carried out promptly in particular market conditions and scenarios (received/delivered during the same day)
  • Translations for the insurance industry.
Traduzioni finanziarie e assicurative

We cater to every need for financial and insurance translations

We are competent in providing translation services for banks, investment companies, brokers, accountants, tax lawyers, financial communication companies or specialized in the development of IT infrastructures specific to the world of finance. As with every leading sector, financial translation implies a thorough knowledge of the business and an excellent understanding of the economic and stock market mechanisms. The documents of financial analysis, audits, management reports, business plans, relations with the treasury, tax declarations and related accounting, require full familiarity with the financial and accounting terms of each relevant market.

Part of our clients is represented by important auditing firms, which carry out tax and corporate consultancy activities at the highest level. We translate financial statements, notes to the financial statements, proxy templates, minutes of meetings of the board of directors, general meetings to support the increase in the business of the companies we assist linguistically.

Insurance translations

Insurance is a typically interdisciplinary area and can interest experts not only from many technical sectors, but also from socio-economic subjects. A typical figure in the sector is the insurance consultant who can be competent with respect to a specific category of coverage. The requested insurance translations therefore have different peculiarities and there are many types of clients present in this sector.

Insurance services to cover the most frequent breakdowns of domestic systems, warranty services dedicated to vehicles and motor machines, services in the field of insurance brokerage, in consultancy and management of business risks, services for an insurance investment that is the completion of its financial uses and the supply of "life" products. The most translated documents in this area are contracts and insurance policies.

Traduzione finanziaria, economica e assicurativa
Traduzione finanziaria, economica e assicurativa

Experienced translators in the economic, financial and insurance sector

Composed of mother tongue translators who are totally bilingual, our economic-financial-insurance staff uses all their skills to translate texts, preserving their original meaning and working with the utmost confidentiality with respect to the data that is communicated.

Economic and financial translators can specialize in a sector that fully follows current events and for which extensive documentation is available. Indeed, there are currently a wide range of specialized newspapers and economic publications (especially in the stock market sector) which can be used to learn more about any topic or find indexes that can support him in understanding the complexity of each sentence.

Teamwork with final re-reader for reliable financial translations

If a translation project requires it, we are able to coordinate a group of professionals who collaborate synergistically to achieve maximum quality in the shortest possible time. In this case, the final translation will be subjected to a final re-reading so that any discrepancy is smoothed out and full terminological consistency is achieved.

Traduzione finanziaria, economica e assicurativa
Traduzione finanziaria, economica e assicurativa

Non-disclosure in the translation of financial and insurance documents

We provide an accurate and professional financial-economic and insurance translation service, where the knowledge of our translators is combined with the valuable experience of our consultants (partners of the largest international insurance and auditing companies). Our clients include leading financial auditing companies and associations. In addition, given the confidential nature of the information received, we always guarantee the utmost confidentiality.

Thanks to our financial and insurance expert and precise methodology, which is articulated in the choice of a team always up to par in the drafting of ad hoc glossaries and in the delivery of test translations, our clients are able to monitor financial translation projects from their initial to final phases. We work alongside groups and banking institutions, financial and insurance intermediaries, investment firms, insurance companies, financial auditing companies and liquidators present throughout Europe.

Traduzione-IN - Contatti

Charles Chaouat

Head of economic and insurance financial translations

Examples of financial translation services

To translate technical documentation (revision standards, control and quality assurance manuals, professional service proposals, professional practices, etc.) Mazars & Guérard has chosen Translation-IN, of which it appreciates the effectiveness and responsiveness of the managerial financial translation services together with the rigorous and proven methodology.

Traduzioni documenti notarili

Our financial translation services

Traduzioni finanziarie

We provide financial translation services for the following types of texts

  • Economic analysis
  • Balance sheets
  • Annual reports
  • White papers
  • Stock exchange press releases
  • Financial items
  • Projects for the issuance of securities
  • Information for investors
  • Auditing standards
  • Quality Assurance Manuals
  • Professional practices
  • Equity agreements
  • Policies
  • Insurance contracts
  • Insurance manuals
  • Documents financial products related to the insurance sector
  • Insurance forms
  • Insurance agreements