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Medical translations for FSHD Europe

Medical and scientific research translations

Traduzione-IN - FSHD Europe

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"This study of Franco-Italian translations has for years been objectively expert and involved in the spirit of medical translations for rare genetic diseases, since it always proves to be up to our needs; even in the case of urgent translation requests, where time may be at the expense of the required quality. Translation-In constantly provides us with the precision that our researchers and scientists require. Every medical translation project is managed with the right rigor and this is how it must be for a language vendor at the service of science and research".

Traduction-IN - Conttato

Fabiola Bertinotti

Member of the European Committee
FSHD Europe

Representative of UILDM (Italian Union for combatting Muscular Dystrophy)

Medical translations to support scientific research

FSHD Europe is a European committee that aims to help in medical research against facio-scapolo-humerus dystrophy. This important association brings together different organizations in Italy, France and the Netherlands, which participate in the promotion of medical scientific research and health information on progressive muscular dystrophies. The demand for scientific medical translation services in this area therefore entails highly qualified specialist advice.

Challenges and solutions

The research and dissemination of new discoveries related to the fight against these diseases require a medical translation service with a high technical and scientific profile. Each specific term of the medical jargon must be translated with the utmost precision since it could represent an important clue to accelerate the fight against these genetic pathologies that affect correct muscle development even from the first years of life.

Localisation logiciel

Extreme terminological and regulatory rigor: Medical translation and pharmaceutical translations are part of the specialist translations with the most stringent technical and regulatory requirements. All medical product documentation must be provided in the language of the country of use (MDD and IVD In-Vitro Diagnostic Medical and Diagnostic Devices Directives) - Our translation agency is able to accurately handle these vital requirements for medical translation requests from a scientific research organization such as FSHD Europe.

Check out the types of documents we have translated for FSHD Europe in over 3 years of specific medical translation services:

Translations of medical reports and publications

Translation of texts related to medical regulations

of each country involved in the fight against myopathies

Translations of studies

on the toxicity of pharmaceutical substances and pharmacovigilance documents

Translation of leaflets

for specific medicinal products, chemical documentation, summaries of protocols

Translation of clinical folders

of patients followed directly with specific therapies

Translation of conference reports