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Ecommerce Site translations

Why should the translation of an eCommerce site be given so much importance: according to Business Insider only 18% of web users would buy or visit a poorly written ecommerce site in their native language! USA 2016: the store has disappeared!

Traduction-IN - Traduzione siti per l'e-commerce

Ecommerce site translations for online stores and small and large retailers

More and more merchants are relying on digital media to boost their sales. In fact, many have chosen to combine an e-commerce site with their physical store, while others have preferred to rely solely on the Web to offer their products and services to the global market. In this current scenario, the demand for eCommerce translations has risen considerably. Customers, on the other hand, often prove eager to shop and order their favorite items and services remotely (thanks to demand aggregation sites, such as GroupOn, GroupAlia, LetsBonus, etc.), without being subject to the constraint of the opening and closing hours of stores.

Traduzione siti per l'e-commerce

Translation of ads via editorial access to each Web Edition system

We systematically and accurately translate product ads and pages e-commerce sites are composed of, ensuring the use of the correct technical language and the appropriate commercial approach for each product sector, in 40 target languages.

Translating sites on eCommerce platforms: Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce, Shopify

For sites that rely on platforms such as Prestashop or Woocommerce, we translate home pages, product sheets and blog posts directly through dedicated panels, for which the managers provide us with credentials as if we were ourselves, the publishers. This translation service for eCommerce includes knowledge of HTML. Our translators find the ads in the source language, copy their HTML code that will be overwritten by their translation directly into the relevant backoffice space.

As part of our eCommerce translation services we often collaborate in the restyling of existing sites, which are implemented on specialized platforms such as Magento, the most used in the world for medium-large eCommerce solutions. The instructions provided include the total respect of the HTML markup during the translation process, to ensure an automated import of the often-numerous product sheets. Alternatively, customers let us open a workspace directly on their platforms, if this is a better way to insert translations.

Traduzione siti per l'e-commerce
Traduzione siti per l'e-commerce

Translation of eCommerce sites from a SEO perspective

Product ads have a description (which is generally the most 'substantial' part), a title, short description, meta-title, meta-description and various keywords; in addition, all fields must be translated into different languages with a narrative sensitivity aimed at indexing and SEO language.

Translation for Amazon and eCommerce partner agencies and advertisers

We translate eCommerce guides created to support partners and advertisers who use Amazon Marketing Services. A toolkit that helps Amazon partner agencies master AMS products and services and familiarize themselves with best practices. These are documents that we update in the translation texts on a regular basis.

Traduzione siti per l'e-commerce