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E-learning translations: tutorials and video courses for online training

Translation services for educational courses

Traduzione-IN - Traduzione eLearning e videocorsi

E-learning translations

Distance learning via web platforms is undoubtedly a growing sector. Specific translation services in this area are required both by suppliers of e-learning products, and by companies that organize online training to train their staff.

Traduzione eLearning e videocorsi

Translation of multimedia training courses and multimedia information

We translate training tutorials, based on specific professional characteristics, to train each category of user. The areas of specialization of online training can be the most varied and their internationalization expands at a galloping pace: to the seven languages used by large groups for training courses, another ten can be added by 2022.

However, it is often the financial topic, in other words Trading, that has the greatest number of requests. A sector that implies the provision of technical translations aimed at the equity, Forex and financial intelligence sectors.

We develop gamification projects thanks to professional translations

The goal is therefore to linguistically and technically support the creation of online video courses or educational pills in different language modules, sometimes even with the inclusion of subtitles, to help the training internship of the user, who can thus afford not to know the teaching language (often English or French) in depth, or of a deaf user.

Traduzione eLearning e videocorsi
Traduzione eLearning e videocorsi

Translations of Videocourses

The material of the translation of a video course is generally composed of the following:

  1. A very detailed Power Point presentation, containing the displayed text of the courses
  2. A script (i.e. the audio explanation of the teaching material) to facilitate the insertion of its voiceover
  3. A recording in which the audio part of the course (the script) is recited, which follows the respective explanations on screen hand in hand.

Translation of a guided tour or a cultural training game

Companies expert in interactive multimedia teaching are able to directly involve the public in a guided tour, as could happen thanks to an audio guide in a museum or in another kind of cultural event. In these particular situations, the visits are transformed into a training course with a playful character, and since the public is often international, in these cases, translations of interactive tourist guides are necessary.

Traduzione eLearning e videocorsi
Traduzione eLearning e videocorsi

Multimedia video translation and layout for e-learning

In addition to the translation of written texts and accompanying audio, we realize the graphic concept of multimedia objects and their multimedia implementation (audio realization, graphic realization) which necessitates the following requirements and specific methods for e-learning training courses:

  1. Creation of a clear and effective layout, firmly based on each topic covered
  2. Summary of long and complex texts taken from PowerPoint, finalized in more streamlined and explanatory sentences and concepts (even for complex topics)
  3. Search for images on libraries to associate with texts
  4. Creation of animations and synchronization of the content with the speech
  5. Final checks and encoding in formats suitable for online publication and/or use through digital media (dvdrom / USB memories).

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