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IT And Telecommunications Translations (ICT)

Translation services for information technology and telecommunications

Traduzione-IN - Traduzioni informatiche e TLC

IT and TLC Translation Services

For us they are two key sectors and the cradle of our business. They represent 15% of our customer portfolio (over 10% for software localization, translation of software records).

We are able to translate the documentation of most sectors related to information technology and telecommunications. We have qualified external staff (partners of international audit firms, SAP consultants, Movex/Infor consultants, etc.) should it be necessary to clarify technical terms and concepts during translations.

Traduzione-IN - Contatti

Charles Chaouat

Head of ICT

The requests of our customers mainly concern the following types of products and services:

  • IT systems translation

    (PCs, servers, mainframes, workstations, etc.)

  • Translation of printing systems and services

    (MFPs, printers, copiers, 3D printers, etc.)

  • Translation of data storage, backup and hosting services

    (Server in clustering, inCloud, etc.)

  • Translation for networks and telecommunications

    (H/W e S/W, VoIP audio, etc.)

  • Translation of SLA service contracts

    (service Level Agreement)

  • Translations of applications

  • Translations for the cybersecurity industry

    (firewalls, anti-virus, etc.)

  • Localization software

  • Translations of Mobile Apps

  • Translation of peripherals and components

  • Digital Home – EGP translations

  • Localization of requirements analysis techniques and software models

IT translations

Even after the boom of the year 2000, ICT technologies have maintained a very prominent position in the IT translation market. Our agency founded on the need to meet the demands of this specific sector and for years the localization of IT products and services has been at the heart of our technical knowledge.

Traduzioni informatiche

We provide IT translation services in the following areas and types of documentation:

ERP Solutions

We carry out translations for the entirety of requests from software houses (screenshots, online guides, error messages, user manuals, manuals for staff training, functional changes, procedural guides, product data sheets, marketing brochures and more).

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Product data sheets, brochures, safety policies, web content, user manuals, etc.

GIS - CAD geographical applications

Design software, case studies, web content, manuals, etc.

Lead Generation

Increase customer loyalty and increase sales volumes for the development of effective customer interaction.

Digital Communication

Design and launch of Mail Marketing Campaigns and creation of Digital Flyers.

Specific applications

Software with different applications in the insurance, banking and real estate sectors for the management of leads, IT assets, databases, etc.

Networks and operating systems

Numerous documents concerning the management of networks and operating systems.


We have carried out numerous translations for different kinds of hardware (blade servers, memory cards, etc.).

Web marketing

Coordinated image including Sites, Social and Online Use Tools. In addition, we translate meta-tags and meta descriptions of websites, verifying the recurrence rates of translated terms and expressions, etc.

B2B Platforms

Design and implementation of desktop, web and verticalized apps.

Software and Custom Apps

Design and implementation of desktop, web and verticalized apps.

Telecommunications translations

Telecommunications (TLC), in other words the activity of communication by means of devices and infrastructures, is a diversified and currently booming market. The protagonists of this sector are telephony operators, OEMs, software publishers, etc. Our translation agency satisfies their requests, offering a range of complete services concerning the translation of marketing documents (brochures, press releases, presentations), technical (product data sheets, Web content, technical brochures), as well as legal and financial.

Traduzioni Telecomunicazioni

IoT Technology

With the very short-term forecast that in 2020 there will be over 24 billion IoT devices globally (on average 4 objects in IoT for each inhabitant) the translations related to this area of telematics are increasingly numerous for us.

Mobile phones

We translate portable phone software interfaces, mini mobile phone sites, marketing documents, product data sheets, etc.

VoIP Services

We locate user documentation.


We take care of translations for ICT equipment (communication platforms for telephone exchanges, mobile phones with camera, MP3 players, etc.).

Examples of IT translations

Three direct testimonials from our leading ICT customers

Avanquest Software


Avanquest has chosen our team of IT translators to meet its demand for translations (stock exchange press releases, financial documentation, brochures, websites, etc.).



Lawson chose our agency to locate the MOVEX M3 - INFOR M3 ERP solution (screenshots, messages, online guides, user documentation, brochures, websites, etc.).



Integralis relied on us to carry out the translations of its marketing plan (press releases, website updates, brochures, case studies, white papers, seminar documentation, etc.).