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Translations for publishing, tourism and audiovisual

Translations dedicated to entertainment: translation services for publishing, cinema, sport and tourism

Traduzione-IN - Traduzioni editoriali, audiovisivi e turismo

Editorial translations

for the distribution of new models of information and entertainment

As an activity that produces and manages reproducible content, Publishing, which is protected by copyright, in addition to the distribution of scientific, cultural and literary publications, is closely connected to information channels, school education (editorial translations addressed to children which thus assumes a "linguistically didactic" purpose) and "entertainment" for recreational activities such as tourism, cinema, theater and sport.

Traduzioni editoriali, audiovisivi e turismo

Our editorial translation team

The language service provided by our editorial translation division is enriched by the contribution of new media specialists and proofreaders. For journalistic texts and publications (books, essays, biographies, articles), we translate respecting the author's prose, locating only the aspects for which a precise contextualization is required. We translate for authors who interface with classic publishers, the paid publishing service (EAP) and self-publishing (SP).


Our editorial services are complete and include, in addition to translations, also the correction of drafts, before their publication, including the translation of captions, and the translation of illustrated books. This phase consists in the careful review of the layouts and the reporting of any changes. The layout is printed and delivered to the proofreader and the paginator, who follow, crossing each other’s paths, the following procedure:

  • The corrector rectifies any errors, deficiencies or typos of various kinds. (Corrections are made with conventional symbols that identify what needs to be corrected and how to perform the intervention)
  • Verification of the correctness of the layout. (The paginator makes the required changes in the layout and prints a new draft)
  • The proofreader checks that the changes in the first draft have been made and then moves on to a new correction
  • To achieve a quality result, three proof readings are made before going to print or publishing a text in a digital magazine.
Traduzioni editoriali, audiovisivi e turismo
Traduzioni editoriali, audiovisivi e turismo

Translations of literary and theatrical texts

Our theatrical translators are able to offer creative literary translations and not a simple bland paraphrase of the source texts. With us, they have been able to accumulate profound knowledge of the latest acquisitions of performance studies, that is, the study of the executive practices of the time, which give back to the translated texts the value of vocal texts, established not for a simple reading at the table, but written for an action that makes them live in the voice and body of the actor, to be perceived as purely authentic to the ear of the viewer.

Tourism translations

Our agency offers tourism translation services for all operators in the sector: hotels, resorts, slow food and fast food restaurants, haute cuisine restaurants, lounge bars, marinas, travel agencies and Web agencies specialized in the tourism industry. We provide complete tourism translation services to leading companies in the management and processing of customer satisfaction and web reputation of all tourism and hospitality facilities.

Traduzioni editoriali, audiovisivi e turismo
Traduzioni editoriali, audiovisivi e turismo

Audiovisual translation and language transfer

The term audiovisual defines the peculiarity of this form of translation, which is distinguished by the presence and simultaneity of two channels of interlingual communication: the acoustic and the visual. For audiovisual texts we provide services based on the experience of professionals educated with masters from the most famous European Universities and with at least five years' experience in the audiovisual sector.

Translations of Screenplays, Scripts and Audiovisual Translation

Some of the TAV services provided by our agency:

  • Sync-like dubbing: this consists in replacing the original dialogues of a pre-recorded audiovisual product with translated, adapted and synchronized dialogues so that the audio component integrates with the original video ones, without lip matching

Audiovisual translation and sync-like adaptation

  • Voice over: the original dialogues are not replaced but kept at a lower volume than the oral translation. Their translation involves a summary but not a synchronization activity.
  • Subtitling: consists in a language transfer that allows you to keep the original version and allows speakers to simultaneously access the dialogues thanks to the insertion of condensed and translated text lines with maximum fidelity and precision.

Subtitle translation

Our subtitling service includes translations, but also transcriptions, synchronization, detection, spotting, final proof reading, and also assistance for the live projection of the subtitles. Our Quality Controllers keep up to date on the subtitling guidelines dictated by Netflix, Rai and other players in the audiovisual sector.

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